Modded Packages PS4

GTA 5 Modded Packages PS4/PS5 is a bundle of multiple services such as Money & Level for your account. 
This includes: GTA 5 Money, Level & Max Stats.

Fancy Package

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Sky Pack is highly recommended for anyone starting out in GTA Online or want a small push.

99.99 €

Sky Package

139.99 €

Enhanced Pack

199.99 €

Arsen Package

209.99 €

Elusive Package

229.99 €

Iconic Package

309.99 €

For Your Existing Account

Services are for existing accounts. No requirements

Ban Warranty

We will send a replacement account in case of suspension.

Delivery Information

We will complete your order within 24=72 Hours.

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Need more packages?

Interested in checking out more variations of Modded Packages for PS4?  Check out our partner site NergeticModding!

GTA 5 Money, Fast Run, Level-Ups, & more in a single PS4 modded package

Why would you settle for just one boost for your GTA 5 account when you can hit the whole package? Show your real worth and get access to everything you’ve ever craved in Los Santos. CriminalModz PS4 Modded Packages are jam-packed with GTA 5 Level Unlocks, plenty of GTA$, Max Stats, Rare & Unreleased Clothing, Fast Run and much more.

Whether you’ve only got your foot in the Los Santos door or have been grinding for a while, our rare packages can be your lifesaver. All cash, upgrades, and other mods are safely implemented using your account within 24 hours. Log in back — and they are there!

From basic upgrades to Fast Run Unlocks

Our PS4 Modded Packages are available in 6 options for GTA 5 Tryhards & General Players. Figure out what’s missing in your account and take your pick:

  • Fancy Pack. If you only want to buy GTA 5 money (50 Million) and don’t mind getting some goodies like a 100 Level Rank and 5 K/D ratio boost, this package is for you. It’s perfect for starters, bringing Max Stats to your character and adding to the fun with unlocked hairstyles and parachutes.
  • Sky Pack. Expect a fourfold increase in GTA$ and K/D ratio compared to Fancy Pack. It’ll take you to 250 Level with the same unlocks plus vehicles and Los Santos Customs. For your best experience, it also comes with GTA 5 Fast Run Unlocks on top of the Fancy Pack contents. 
  • Enhanced Pack. If you don’t feel like drawing the line at 200 Million GTA$, give yourself 500 Million GTA$ with the Enhanced Pack.  Select this one, and you will get pretty much all unlocks  and the best selling dunce outfits.
  • Arsen, Elusive & Iconic Packages: These packages are designed with a specific theme, whether that is a 666, 777 or 999 one. These bundles are packed with a lot of outfits, every single unlock booster as well as with a lot of money and negative kds.

Safe to Boost and Play

With CriminalModz Modded Packages, you never put your gaming experience on the line. Even basic services like GTA 5 Level Unlock for PS4 are provided with anti-ban measures in place. The same applies to stat upgrades, money boosts, and other boosts.

You’re protected with the CriminalModz anti-ban warranty, no matter the package you select. It will underpin your modding experience, whether you have your heart set on a simple Max Stats boost or on a big package like the Iconic one.