Modded Packages PS4

GTA 5 Modded Packages PS4/PS5 is a bundle of multiple services such as Money & Level for your account. 
This includes: GTA 5 Money, Level & Max Stats.

Fancy Package

Sky Pack is highly recommended for anyone starting out in GTA Online or want a small push.

99.99 €

Sky Package

Sky Pack offers a bigger uncommon rank and an amount of money that will help you purchase many regular products such as apartments, cars, clothing etc.

If your Character1 is Male you will receive 3x Snowman Dunces, otherwise 3x Dunces from the Female Pack.

139.99 €

Enhanced Pack

Enhanced Pack offers you enough money to buy everything in a new DLC and a very rare rank amount that will set you aside from other players in a GTA Online lobby.

If your Character1 is Male you will receive 3x MrCriminal Dunces, otherwise 3x Dunces from the Female Pack.

199.99 €

Arsen Package

Arsen Pack in collaboration with Youtuber and DEVX crew leader Arsen YX offers you everything alongside a wide range of outfit collection designed by Arsen himself.

209.99 €

Elusive Package

Elusive Pack offers you almost enough money to buy everything in the game,  and an eye-catching 999 Rank + Negative K/D Ratio alongside all the tryhard necessities such as Fast Run, All Weapons, Max Stats etc.

Also included, the brand new Modern Dunce outfit collection.

If your Character1 is Male you will receive all 7 Modern Male Dunces, otherwise all Female ones.

229.99 €

Iconic Package

309.99 €

For Your Existing Account

Services are for existing accounts. No requirements

Ban Warranty

We will send a replacement account in case of suspension.

Delivery Information

We will complete your order within 24=72 Hours.

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Need more packages?

Interested in checking out more variations of Modded Packages for PS4?  Check out our partner site NergeticModding!

GTA 5 Money, Fast Run, Level-Ups, & more in a single PS4 modded package

Why would you settle for just one boost for your GTA 5 account when you can hit the whole package? Show your real worth and get access to everything you’ve ever craved in Los Santos. CriminalModz PS4 Modded Packages are jam-packed with GTA 5 Level Unlocks, plenty of GTA$, Max Stats, Rare & Unreleased Clothing, Fast Run and much more.

Whether you’ve only got your foot in the Los Santos door or have been grinding for a while, our rare packages can be your lifesaver. All cash, upgrades, and other mods are safely implemented using your account within 24 hours. Log in back — and they are there!

From basic upgrades to Fast Run Unlocks

Our PS4 Modded Packages are available in 6 options for GTA 5 Tryhards & General Players. Figure out what’s missing in your account and take your pick:

  • Fancy Pack. If you only want to buy GTA 5 money (50 Million) and don’t mind getting some goodies like a 100 Level Rank and 5 K/D ratio boost, this package is for you. It’s perfect for starters, bringing Max Stats to your character and adding to the fun with unlocked hairstyles and parachutes.
  • Sky Pack. Expect a fourfold increase in GTA$ and K/D ratio compared to Fancy Pack. It’ll take you to 250 Level with the same unlocks plus vehicles and Los Santos Customs. For your best experience, it also comes with GTA 5 Fast Run Unlocks on top of the Fancy Pack contents. 
  • Enhanced Pack. If you don’t feel like drawing the line at 200 Million GTA$, give yourself 500 Million GTA$ with the Enhanced Pack.  Select this one, and you will get pretty much all unlocks  and the best selling dunce outfits.
  • Arsen, Elusive & Iconic Packages: These packages are designed with a specific theme, whether that is a 666, 777 or 999 one. These bundles are packed with a lot of outfits, every single unlock booster as well as with a lot of money and negative kds.

Safe to Boost and Play

With CriminalModz Modded Packages, you never put your gaming experience on the line. Even basic services like GTA 5 Level Unlock for PS4 are provided with anti-ban measures in place. The same applies to stat upgrades, money boosts, and other boosts.

You’re protected with the CriminalModz anti-ban warranty, no matter the package you select. It will underpin your modding experience, whether you have your heart set on a simple Max Stats boost or on a big package like the Iconic one.