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Account Boost Purchase Guide (PS4 & PC)

Lastly Updated: 20-7-2020

This is a detailed guide of all events that happen while purchasing an Account Boost for PC or PS4

  • Click on the "Buy Now" button so you can be redirected to the checkout form.
  • Support Step 1

  • Select the amount of money you wish to purchase.
  • Support Step 2

  • Enter your GTA 5 Account's Login Information
  • Support Step 3

  • Enter your Billing Address, Choose Payment Method, Delivery Method & Accept Terms Of Service
  • Support Step 4

  • You will be redirected to which is a safe PCI Certified safe enviroment to create the payment.
  • Support Step 5

  • After that you will receive 2 receipt e-mails.(Check Spam Folder). All is left to do is now wait for your order to be completed. We will E-Mail you for every single update we have on the order.
    You can also track your order's progress here
  • Support Step 6

    If your buying process is not similar to these steps or you think that there is a problem with your order then please E-Mail us at: [email protected]