GTA 6 Trailer Countdown


GTA 6 - Latest News

GTA 6 is the most anticipated release in gaming and the community has been analyzing every possible clue about what the next installment might bring. This page offers a comprehensive overview of all gossip, leaks, theories, and confirmed updates related to the future game.


In February 2022, Rockstar Games quietly announced GTA 6. The news was subtly placed at the end of a GTA 5 Community Update, simply stating that “active development for the next entry in the Grand Theft Auto series is well underway”. Since that time, there hasn’t been much more official information from Rockstar.

On September 18, a massive GTA 6 leak emerged, that featured more than 90 videos and images from an early alpha version of the game. A few days later, Rockstar confirmed the leak and that they were taking steps to remove the leaked content online.

Storyline, Location & Timeline Rumors

Grand Theft Auto VI is set to feature a Latina female lead, making her the first playable female character in a modern Rockstar title. She will be part of a duo inspired by the infamous bank robbers Bonnie & Clyde. This implies the story will focus on a couple evading law enforcement following a series of heists.

In one of the leaks, a character references the death of LifeInvader CEO who was killed by Michael De Santa. This suggests that the timeline for GTA 6 is set to follow the events of GTA 5, most likely in 2023.

Additionally, it seems that GTA 6 will take place in Vice City, Rockstar’s fictional take on Miami. This is supported by leaked gameplay clips, one of which showcased a “Vice City Metro” train. 

Release Date Predictions

GTA 6 does not currently have an official release date. Even though Rockstar Games announced it’s working on GTA 6, it has not confirmed when the game will be released. However in a recent Take Two Interactive earnings call, the CEO Strauss Zelnick suggested that the 2025 Fiscal year (April 2024 – March 2025) is going to include “new records of operating performance”. That prediction in such a significant revenue boost points directly to the release of GTA 6. Our team at CriminalModz speculates that the game could hit the shelves around February or March of 2025.


Map Size & Setting Rumors

Although there’s no official map yet for the upcoming title, the leaked footage suggests that Vice City could be one part of the complete game map. Earlier leaks had suggested that Vice City wouldn’t be the main setting, indicating instead that the entire state of Florida could be involved. Insiders claim that the map could be as large as the combined maps of GTA V and Red Dead Redemption 2.

A Bloomberg report indicates that GTA 6’s working title is Project Americas and suggests it will mainly take place in a made-up version of Miami and nearby locations, likely translating to Vice City in the GTA universe. The report also mentions that the game map will continue to evolve, introducing new cities and regions either through storylines or through an ever-growing successor to GTA Online.

Leaked Characters

Leaks suggest that GTA 6 will feature two primary characters, a male called Jason and, for the first time ever, a latina female named Lucia. Lucia is the first female lead in a modern Rockstar title. Based on the leaked footage, the two seem to be romantically involved, and their narrative draws inspiration by the criminal duo, Bonnie and Clyde.

There might also be two additional playable characters, whose names were spotted in a Dev menu: Billy & Kai. It’s possible they were originally planned but later scraped though. Other names mentioned characters include:

  • Kai
  • Boobie
  • Chester
  • Billy
  • Chester (from Chester’s Music)
  • Dale (of Dale’s Shopwell)
  • Dre (Nightclub Manager)
  • Iris (from Iris Laundry)
  • RB Shaw
  • Sam
  • Tit (Nightclub DJ)
  • YJ (Minimap)
  • Zach
  • Vicky
  • Wyman
  • Shanese

                                                                                                                                                                 Additionally, in the leaks, there is a mention of Jay Norris from GTA 5, confirming that the game is set within the same HD universe as GTA IV & GTA V.

Latest Developments

December 1st, 2023 – Rockstar Games has finally revealed the premiere date for the GTA 6 trailer through their official channels.

The countdown is ticking towards Tuesday, December 5th, with the trailer set to drop at 6 AM Pacific Time, 9 AM Eastern Time, and 2 PM Greenwich Mean Time. You can track the countdown here on CriminalModz.

GTA 6 Confirmed & Trailer Announcement

November 8th, 2023 – In a statement released shortly after Bloomberg reports, Sam Houser, President of Rockstar Games, confirmed the long-awaited trailer for the next Grand Theft Auto game. 

“It is with great enthusiasm that we announce the scheduled release of the initial trailer for the new Grand Theft Auto in early December,” Houser said.

The statement began by indicating the that the studio would celebrate their 25th anniversary next month, suggesting a possibility that the Grand Theft Auto VI trailer might premier on that date. 

The timing of the Game Awards on Dec 7th also presents a plausible opportunity for the trailer reveal. Even though Rockstar Games has never revealed any game since GTA 4 in Game Awards, GTA 6 making an appearance is a reasonable expectation.