About Us

CriminalModz was launched in May 2018, an exclusive GTA 5 website, with the vision of offering reliable & unique services and since then we have completed more than 100,000 orders and accumulated more than 20,000 reviews on discord & trustpilot. We sell the best products on the market and we provide dedicated support ready to help you during all times of the day.

GTA 5 Account Boost

Our Account Boost services can fully transform your account into a new one. Whether that be Money, Level or Unlocks such as Fast Run, Rare Clothing Items & Tattoos or Pegasus Vehicles.

Complete checkout process with just a few clicks; Select your product, enter in-game & billing information, complete the payment and we will take care of the rest!

GTA 5 Modded Accounts & Packages

Our Modded Account & Packages bundles are bundles of Account Boosters that you can buy, either for a new account or your existing one and they are priced better than having to buy each one separately.  

The accounts are stacked with a lot of Money, Levels, Fast Run, rare Unlocks as well as Modded Outfits.

GTA 5 Modded Outfits

On our store, you can find the best Modded Outfits in the GTA 5 Community. From old-school Dunce Outfits to modern ones, we have them!

We make all of our outfits by taking notes from what our community likes and what not. We have a very big range of outfits that contiunes to grow each month.

Forza Horizon 5 Services

We are now opened the gates to offering services to multiple games, and not just Grand Theft Auto Online.

Browse the cheapest Forza Horizon 5 Credits as well as Wheelspins, Modded Accounts for Steam, Windows & Xbox.  For anyone that wants to enjoy the game without having to grind countless of hours, CriminalModz is here to grant you this wish. 

FIFA Services

Are you tired of constantly grinding for coins so that you can compete against players that pay to win? Well, now you can pay to win too, but cheaper!

You can now purchase coins for your FIFA Ultimate Team and reach new heights of your FIFA career. 

Ban Warranty & Guarantees

Here on CriminalModz, we believe that having to worry about getting scammed or getting your online account suspended should be a thing of the past. During the years, we have managed to perfect our service and provide a seamless and safe experience for all of our customers. Additionally, in the very one in a million ocassion of getting suspended we will issue a brand new account or send your money back.