GTA 5 Modded Combos PS4

GTA 5 Modded Combos PS4 is a service that gives you small combinations of account boosters for a cheaper price.
Browse combinations of GTA 5 Money, Level, Fast Run, Unlocks, Negative KD, Outfits & more!

Fast Run

You can now purchase Fast Run alongside the following boosters: Unlock Mixed, Negative KD, Dunces, Money.

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How Does It Work?

Make it more fun with GTA V Mod Combos

How about making a name for yourself as a Kingpin, looking like a superstar, and ruling the streets of Los Santos? If you proceed through the location with your PS4, Modded Combos for GTA V from CriminalModz are your chance to live out all your Grand Theft Auto fantasies without costing the earth.

Choose from our Combos and snap up an extraordinary bundle for your PS4 account. It’s time to do whatever you want, whenever you want, and however you want in GTA Online.

GTA 5 Custom-Boosting Combos

Zip around the city faster than a supercar, unchain your inner criminal mastermind, or take your character to the peak of their abilities. We are here to make your adventures as thrilling as possible with high-powered GTA 5 Modded Combos for PS4 delivered within 24 hours.

Fast Run bundle to turn you into a speed demon

With Fast Run activated, watch your character accelerate at a cheetah-like speed. Pair it with other extras – such as dunces or K/D upgrades – and become an unstoppable force that zips through Los Santos, leaving other players in the dust. 

If everything seems awesome, but you can’t proceed with your bank account at its worst, take advantage of our Fast Run Mod with $7 billion. Speed and affluence are always the best duo.

Unlock Mixed Combos that combine power and personalization

The real fun begins now. Our Unlock Mixed GTA 5 Combo Mods can unlatch everything for an adventure that keeps you on the edge of your seat, including:

  • All Pegasus vehicles to strike terror from the skies, roads, and seas
  • Thousands of T-shirts, pants, outfits, and other rare clothes to create badass looks

Are you pumped for the utmost customization and enough money to buy anything in the game? Opt for this GTA 5 Combining Mod bundled with Money Upgrade to throw together Unlock Mixed with a billion dollars. Show off your swagger!

Misc Combos for a little bit of everything

Once you’re OK with your account balance and outfits, take your GTA 5 to new heights with our Mics Combos:

  • Gender Swap coupled with Max Stats. Tired of your macho-man character? Switch to a female one and boost your strength, stamina, shooting, and more to outperform your opponents. 
  • Max Stats coupled with the most exotic weapons. This GTA V Mod Combo is a win-win. When your character is maxed out and has access to a never-before-seen weapon cache, there is no challenge you can’t get through.
  • Firepower and jaw-dropping vehicles. This combo is your best bet if you prefer the ultimate arsenal of rare weapons and a fleet of Pegasus vehicles to unleash chaos on the streets of Los Santos.

Pick your GTA 5-boosting Combo package and build the life of luxury and excitement you’ve always dreamed of. The city’s yours for the taking with CriminalModz’s 100% satisfaction guarantee!