GTA 5 Modded Outfits PC

GTA 5 Modded Outfits PC are rare & unique outfits with colored verified tags & dunce created by CriminalModz or other creators.
Browse Male Dunce Fits, Female Dunce Fits with rare masks & more!

Important Information

This service is for PC Players only. It will not work if you play on consoles.

For Your Existing Account

Services are for existing accounts. No requirements

Ban Warranty

We will send a replacement account in case of suspension.

Delivery Information

We will complete your order within 24 Hours.

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Need more outfits?

Interested in checking out more variations of Modded Outfits for PS4?  Check out our partner site NergeticModding!

Spiff up your character with GTA 5 PS4 modded outfits

What if you could change your in-game outfits at will? Playing GTA 5 can be a lot funnier when your character can look different to adapt to whatever is going on in Los Santos (or your mood). With our modded outfits for GTA 5 Online PS4, you can achieve just that and add a spark to your gaming thrill.

Male and female characters can now dress up as you please. Create a mysterious look with CriminalModz invisible outfits, transform your appearance with a creepy touch, or wear something that looks nothing but extraterrestrial. Our male and female packs are made up of affordable GTA 5 PS4 outfits for all tastes.

All CriminalModz packs of outfits come with verified slots. You can also preview what any outfit will look like on your character as you take your pick.

How can you buy outfits on GTA 5 PS4?

Buying verified CriminalModz outfits for your character has nothing to do with rocket science. There’s only one requirement you need to meet, which is owning a GTA 5 account on your PS4. This service works like an upgrade to your existing account.

If you have an account, you only need to:

  • Select one of CriminalModz packs of GTA 5 modded outfits for PS4 for sale
  • Securely share your PSN credentials
  • Choose the character you want to dress up with new outfits
  • Complete the checkout step


There’s nothing else you need to do. Once your payment is processed, your outfits are on their way to your PS4 account!

How long does it take to bring GTA V PS4 modded outfits to your account?

Are you excited about flaunting the new appearance of your character? At CriminalModz, we act fast for all orders because we hate to keep GTA 5 fans waiting. Your new GTA 5 PS4 modded outfits will be available for trying on within days.

On average, we upgrade PS4 accounts with the selected outfits within 24 hours after processing the payment. For that, we never charge delivery fees or impose any out-of-left-field charges. You only pay for the outfits of your choice.

Are these services safe?

There’s no compelling reason to be concerned about putting your account at stake with CriminalModz services. When you buy outfits or anything else, you can be sure they will be delivered. A 100% replacement is provided if any issues occur, as outlined in the CriminalModz industry-leading ban warranty. This is something no GTA 5 PS4 site can match!

You can also reach out to our support staff to get up to speed with the delivery process or clarify when your outfits will be added.

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