Modded Packages PC

GTA 5 Modded Packages PC are basically Bundles of GTA 5 Money, Rank & Unlock All for a Value-For-Money Price.
In Addition to that, you can create your own GTA Online PC Modded Bundle.

Starter Pack

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Starter Pack is highly recommended for anyone starting out in GTA Online or want a small push.

9.99 €

Pro Pack

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Pro Pack gives you a balanced experience of GTA Online.

24.99 €

Criminal Pack

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Criminal Pack is our Best Selling package and it gives you enough money to have a balanced experience and some extra fun!

34.99 €

Ice Pack

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Ice Package gives you enough money that will give you the ability to purchase most of the items in the game.


Ultimate Pack

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Ultimate Package gives you the ability to fully experience GTA Online at it's maximum.

Not only do you receive all weapons, clothing and unlocks in the game but you will be left with a big sum of money to spend for several future DLCs.


Overkill Pack


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