The Best GTA 5 online Mods: Enhanced Graphics, Money-Making, Challenges, New Maps and so much more…

GTA V is one of the most loved and played games in the world. Due to its open-world style, the players love to wander all over the cities, steal cars, initiate missions, and much more. Its been more than 5 years since the game was released and is still played by millions of players worldwide. Thanks to the programmers and hobbyists who made several different mods and additional features that still make the game interesting and worth playing.

Similar to the addons and DLCs for the other games, mods are similar in GTA V that conclude some extra features to the game. For instance, by having mods you will have more realistic and enhanced graphics that have high-resolution up to 4K, new and nostalgic cities like the Vice City that will revive your memories of an old-time, bunch of new GTA 5 Money-Makings and GTA 5 Money Drop challenging missions, and much more….

There are plenty of mods you can find at different websites on the internet, some of them are paid while the others are free. In this article, we have compiled some of the best online GTA 5 Mods that you can try and make the game more interesting and fun. So, let’s start.

Bank Robberies

We all know the money in GTA V matters a lot. From buying certain properties to weapons, for all of them, we will be needing cash. Also, most of the newbies often ask for the best methods for GTA V Online Money-Making.

This mod allows the players to rob the banks and steal large amounts of cash. The cash ranges from twenty thousand to twenty million dollars. Not only this but you will also be awarded for increased criminal activity. All you need to do is to safely deliver the cash to your safehouse with a high wanted level. After some successful robberies, you won’t get short of cash anytime soon.

Realistic Mod

If we talk about the realisticity of the original GTA V, it is already somehow realistic in terms of maps, cites, driving, etc. But if you want to make the game more realistic and accurate, this mode will enhance the realisticity of the game and you will love playing it. For instance, the cities and the graphics will be more realistic, there will be improved weather effects, more realistic and effective police, improved graphics of the beaches, and much more.

Vice City

All of the enthusiastic GTA players remember the Nostalgic Vice city. For me, it is the place where my whole childhood was spent and even, I can go anywhere in the city without taking help from the map. For the sake of the city’s memory, the Luchxbales created a mod that will allow you to visit the Visit City in GTA V and revive your memories.

The graphics will be much better as compared to the original GTA Vice City and you will love roaming around and visiting the old places.

Trucking Mod

The trucking mod is one of my favorite yet challenging mods in the GTA V. the mode will allow you to drive certain types of trucks and deliver the cargo to different places in Los Santos. Some of the missions will require to deliver the cargo in the given timeframe will others will demand to protect the cargo and deliver it safely.

Another good thing about the mod is that it will allow you to earn some extra GTA V Online Money.

This will not only increase the balance from that money, you can enhance your profile and buy a lot of different things. Although, the cash may be low still it will be enough along with some of the challenging missions.


This mod was created by Brazilian modder Julio Nib, and is basically for fun purpose. Now you don’t have to wait for the Iron man game separately and with the implementation of this mod, you can fly around the city wearing the Iron Man suit with a bunch of weapons such as machine guns, pulse cannon, laser beam, etc.

It’s up to you now that either you want to be a hero or become a villain and destroy cars, fire weapons at the people, etc. It is one of the popular mods nowadays and you will enjoy and love playing in this mod.

Prison Mod

Rather than getting killed by the police on the spot for the crimes committed, this GTA V mod will allow you to be sent to prison. The scenario inside the prison will similar to real-life or that in the movies. You can also start a riot inside the prison and can fight with the inmates.

To escape from the prison, you will have two options, either you should have enough cash that will be needed to arrange your bail, or the second and the daunting one will be the escape from the prison. Exciting isn’t it? Well, you will enjoy going to prison and escaping from there as I loved doing this a lot.

Access to Interiors

As we all know that in all of the GTA series, the majority of the buildings aren’t accessible and they are just built to be used or seen from the outside. However, this mod created by the NewTheft allows you to get access to the majority of the Los Santos buildings. It is obvious that he hasn’t unlocked anything but developed the interior for the buildings by himself. This is the thing worth appreciating.

Moreover, there is also the addition of elevators in some buildings that will allow you to access all of the floors. Also, some of the buildings in this mod can be robbed and your map marker will be pointing them. This will be another addition that will allow you to boost your account or to earn some sufficient GTA V cash.

In the end…

These are the list of some of the best mods that are available. Moreover, there are plenty of other mods online and GTA 5 Money Drop methods like on the CriminalModz website. Moreover, each person his own choice, so it’s better to choose the best mods or go through some reviews of that particular mod that you are going to purchase.