Is GTA V still worth playing? Let’s Review it in 2022

The Rockstar Studios didn’t plan to support the GTA V for such long. Before the release of this GTA V, the Grand Theft Auto fans witnessed a new version every year such as the nostalgic GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas. However, things didn’t go as planned after GTA V and it has been approximately a decade since its release and we haven’t got a new game till now.  There are certain rumors about the release of the next franchise but nothing is yet official. In contrast, the GTA V online is getting continuous updates, and it’s bigger than ever in 2021.

At the time when GTA V was released, due to its graphics and gameplay, the game was considered one of the most successful games in gaming history. After few weeks of its launch, Rockstar released the Online platform for GTA V which was initially buggy and wasn’t liked. Thanks to some exciting updates, the game became stable after a short period followed by millions of players joining worldwide.

Today, even after 8 years of its launch, the GTA online is still played by millions of players. Thanks to the constant updates and modders that keep us providing some exciting stuff. For example, the graphics mod of GTA V gave it a new look with a resolution of 4K. Moreover, additional elements like new cars, GTA 5 Modded Accounts etc. still make the game worth playing even in 2021.

There are still millions of players online whenever you login into the game and you can either play with them or your friends. You can plan heists, upgrade your business, enhance trade, and much more. Teaming up with your friends and execute daring missions is a heck of fun. I still praise the time whenever my whole team is online and we rush for the missions.

Over the last few years, the online community of GTA V has earned a bad reputation. This is due to some racist and abusive language and comments used by some of the community members. Most of them are young boys who have recently joined the community and their immaturity is at its peak. On the other hand, I’ve also met some of the best and coolest people in the community that are worth spending time with. There some incredible stunts shown by the community members and a lot of events occurred that are still holding the community together. It is a request for the whole community to refrain from doing such things so we can enjoy the bond and play together.

The community of GTA V online wasn’t expecting Rockstar that they will put a blind eye on these issues. As they are not doing much to stop the hackers and abusers from the game. Many people do complain that even after reporting such players, Rockstar hasn’t banned them. On the other hand, GTA V has stopped receiving updates from the Rockstar for PS3 and Xbox 360. This paved a way for powerful hackers and game-breaking modders to turn the game literally into a wasteland.  Due to this most of the players on these platforms have stopped playing GTA V.

The modders and developers have added a lot of new missions to the game but this content also doesn’t make the game any interesting. The missions are based upon the same old mechanics and are to be executed on the same maps. On the other hand, the mods like the car mods, etc. are just for fun and time pass purposes. For instance, we can only use them to have some fun like shooting cars with iron man or racing on our favorite car from the real world.

At the time back in 2017-2018, when we were expecting the release of GTA VI on time, we considered that GTA V online will also be carried to GTA VI. However, things seem different now as the online mode of GTA feels too old or mainstream. Like what we could expect from the new version of GTA online? There will be some new missions but all the things will be the same. It is up to Rockstar now that they may surprise us with totally a different game. But if the online mode isn’t carried to GTA VI, I will miss it more than any other game. As it has been almost a decade playing this masterpiece, it will be hard to say a final goodbye.

The GTA V online is far better today than it was back in 2014, and 2015. Since, the launch of the game, it has become one of the most successful games in history and a game that is played with full enthusiasm for such a long time. Also, the game is not copied or cloned by anyone as the game is most difficult to develop. Due to its open-world style and a large enough map, the game is really difficult to be developed. The Read Dead online is somehow similar to this game but that too is developed by Rockstar.

It will be a good choice if you still want to start or continue playing GTA V in 2021. The OpenWorld gameplay offered by GTA V isn’t found elsewhere in any game. With a large map, beautiful cities, and tons of vehicles, you can still spend your leisure time playing this game. On the other hand, there are plenty of mods that you can download or boost your GTA V account with money as money is needed a lot in this game. Also, if you are facing money crisis, you can buy GTA 5 Modded Accounts, and GTA 5 Modded Accounts PS4. You can have a piece of precise information regarding this in our article.

I am still thankful to Rockstar for such a masterpiece. I still enjoying logging in to the game and having fun with my friends. As GTA VI has still no official release date or either it is been underdevelopment or not, I will continue playing GTA V and it will be okay for me to lodge a few hundred hours more.

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