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How To Transfer FIFA Points From 22 to 23

FIFA 23 is one of the most well-known football match-up series internationally. Consistently EA Sports release another FIFA game. Likewise, this year they released FIFA 23 on 30th September, 2022.

FIFA 23 is out now, and players are eager to evaluate the game in its initial access. Whenever another game, particularly a major title, comes, players have loads of inquiries to pose. Among loads of inquiries about FIFA 23, players’ most regular inquiry is whether they can move their FIFA points from FIFA 22 to FIFA 23.

Hard-obtained FIFA points open everything essentially in FIFA 23, so players ought to hope to keep quite a bit of their cash from the post-title.

Are FIFA Points Transferable

Assuming you arrived at significant positions and accomplishments in FUT 22, it’s a slam dunk that you need to be familiar with how FIFA 23 Exchange works and how to move your advancement to the new variant. Without a doubt, you’ve encountered continuing to another FIFA previously.

Whether it was moving from FIFA 20 to FIFA 21, or some other form, the rules stay perfect!

FIFA 23 Ultimate team and Volta Football are the main game modes into which you can move a portion of your progression. Thus, when you choose to pass on FIFA 22 and move up to FIFA 23, your Career Mode data (progress, players, and so on), Seasons, Online Friendlies and Star Clubs will disappear. Here is a list of transferable and non-transferable items;

The transferable things are:

  • FUT 22 Club Profile
  • FIFA 22 Skill points
  • FUT 23 Pre-season Prizes

The non-transferable things are:

  • FUT 22 Coins
  • Cards
  • any packs that stayed unopened
  • all your unassigned things
  • Match Records and History
  • Your Information and Records in FUT Club
  • Your Division’s advancement and level
  • Your Career mode’s advancement

As it may be obvious, moving FIFA Skill points to the new version is possible. Assuming you have FIFA 22 Skill points, you can transform them into FIFA 23 Skill points.

In any case, moving FIFA 22 Coins to FIFA 23 is unreasonable. That is to say, FUT Coins are not transferable. They will remain in the old variant of FIFA. Furthermore, they will, in any case, be usable to play.

Things to Keep in Mind

Assuming that you are likewise stressed over your FIFA Skill points, just sit back and relax, you can undoubtedly move them from FIFA 22 to 23 assuming you meet the rules set by EA.

Nonetheless, assuming you have signed into FIFA 23 and are attempting to move your Skill points, you can’t. Indeed, that is for sure sad. However, that is all there is to it. Through the application, you can’t move your Skill points.

The Designers have expressed that players can move their Skill points from FIFA 22 to FIFA 23 by signing into FIFA 23 from their PC or Console. Anyhow, they said the initial occasion when you sign in to FUT 23 on your Console, you’ll have the choice to move your recently saved Skill points. It is simple, isn’t that so?

Interestingly, signing into an EA account while beginning FIFA 23 is the best way to move FIFA Skill points from FIFA 22 to FIFA 23. If a player on a console or PC starts FIFA 23 after buying the full game, there will be a brief to interface their record to the new section.

A short time later, the FUT Web or Sidekick applications show how many FIFA Skill points are ready to be moved into FIFA 23 and permit players to focus on the store.

Regardless of what technique FIFA 23 is offered to players, as long as the record produced using FIFA 22 has no limitations, there must be no issue moving FIFA Skill points over.

 EA Play participation is a demo of sorts for FIFA 23, where players can evaluate the game without buying it. FIFA Skill points move over through EA Play; nevertheless, the full usage of FIFA Skill points comes in the previously mentioned modes simply accessible to players with the full title.

Ultimate Team, Ultimate Draft, or any of FIFA 23’s modes extend while utilizing FIFA Skill points, particularly will allow players to utilize their stock from FIFA 22 effectively.

Either through drafting the best youthful players in FIFA 23’s Career Mode or making the main group past what is imaginable as a general rule, FIFA Skill points hold the entryway for players hoping to encounter the appeal of FIFA 23 and its better mechanics.

How to Transfer FIFA Points

You can relax if you are left with bunches of FIFA Skill points in your FIFA 22 game. Moving the Skill points to the following version of the game is simple.

 Most players become stressed over Skill points not appearing after signing into their FIFA Ultimate Web Application. Moving Skill points through the Internet or Friend application is ridiculous.

You can move the Skill points by signing into the actual game. To get the Skill points, open FIFA 23 and the game will ask you for the remainder of the information. Click on “Affirm” to move the FIFA Skill points. You can move your FUT Club Profile and access all the great stuff.

Sadly, EA doesn’t permit cross-stage vestige at this point. The designers only permit the relic of information from more regular cycles. For instance, moving FIFA 21 information to 23 is impractical.

The FIFA Skill points can be moved between a similar console family, which implies if you played FIFA 22 on PlayStation 4, your Skill points are saved there, and presently you need to play FIFA 23 on Xbox Series X; you can’t get your FIFA Skill points.

You can move FIFA Skill points from Xbox One to Xbox Series X/S or PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5, but not across the stages. Likewise, when the Skill points are moved to FIFA 23, they can’t get back to FIFA 22 once more, and that implies it’s a one-way process.


That’s all you need to know about transferring FIFA Points from FIFA 22 to FIFA 23. Remember, to transfer the Points, you must purchase the full game of FIFA 23, and except for the FIFA Points, nothing else can be transferred from FIFA 22 to 23, including the items or the FUT Coin Balance.

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