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GTA V is a game that no one ever gets fond of playing. Thanks to the developers and modders that they release a new mod after every few months and keep the game alive and interesting. Still today, whenever you open the game, you will find millions of players in it. Before the release of GTA V, the Rockstar games frequently released a new game, like after a year or so. For instance, GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas, etc. But after the release of GTA V, the fans are anxiously waiting for the next GTA game, as there is been more than 8 years. By the addition of mods, the gameplay of GTA V is enhanced and tons of new features are added to the game. So, let us discuss in detail what mods are. What are GTA V Mods Similar to the DLCs and add-ons in the other games, the mods in GTA V are additional features and the reason behind the introduction of mods in GTA V is fun and the players might not get bored. You can change your character, introduce real-life cars, add new missions, and much more. Mods can be installed easily on PCs, however, there is a bit difficulty of in installing them on XBOX and PS4. But players still found the way and you can find plenty of help on the internet. What Can Mods Do? As described earlier, the mods change the layout and physics of GTA V. for instance, you can turn your character into Iron Man and fly all over the city, shooting cars, firing rockets, and scaring the people. Another mod turns your character into Mario. This allows you to jump your way throughout the city beat the pedestrians, etc. The best thing that I liked the most about the mods is the introduction of real-life cars. These cars feature realistic interior and qualities and you can do plenty with them. There are already a lot of supercars in GTA V, but the induction of a real-life favorite car into GTA v is something else. Thanks to these mods that GTA V is still alive and played all over the world. Also, some of these mods even increase the area of the maps and include cities. For instance, a mod of GTA V brings back the nostalgic Vice City. You can roam through that city and refresh the memories of the old days. The cars manufactured by Rolls Royce are only meant for VIP personnel and have a lot of extra features that provide a luxurious and comfortable journey. With the addition of Rolls Royce Dawn in the game, you can have a VIP touch and the pleasure of driving without spending any GTA V Cash. Also, you can customize the engine and the paint of the car according to your choice and roam through the city as you are a billionaire.

How to Download and Install GTA V Mods

There are certain websites from where you can download the mods for GTA V. Moreover, you can also buy the GTA 5 Modded Accounts or GTA 5 Modded Accounts for PS4.

You should have a separate folder where you download the mods for GTA V. keep it in a known place on your drive. You can name it GTAV mods. Afterward, you can download the mods from a trusted website like Ensure that you have active antivirus software and keep it updated. As some mods may contain the virus, this is to ensure that your PC might not get affected by it. Some mods may also demand additional download of some files, this is to ensure the proper and smooth running of your mod in the game. So, hold on and just don’t panic.

The two most important files for installing the mods on your system are Script Hook V and the GTAV LUA Plugin. Script Hook V allows mods to implement into the GTA V single-player code. The LUA Plugin lets the game use LUA, a common programming language used in mod creation. You must download both of these files before starting the installation of the mods.

If you are playing GTA V for a long time and haven’t tried to install mods yet, well we have complied a short tutorial for you that will help you to install mods in GTA V safely. Read all the steps carefully and implement them. However, there is no guarantee that these steps will work for you 100%. The scenario may be changed at certain times.

How to install Script Hook V for GTA 5

  • Download Script Hook V and open the .zip folder.
  • Copy ScriptHookV.dll to the parent GTA V folder.
  • If you’re playing the game through Steam, this can be found in \SteamApps\common\Grand Theft Auto V\.
  • Unfortunately, Script Hook V hasn’t been updated to support the Epic Games version. If it does, we’ll update this guide, but you’re stuck with vanilla GTA 5 until then.
  • Do the same with both dsound.dll (this is the Asi Loader) and NativeTrainer.asi. Asi Loader is essential because it allows you to launch .asi plugins, while Native Trainer is the thing that lets you access cheats like teleportation, super jump, and more.

How to install the GTAV LUA Plugin

  • First, download the GTA V LUA Plugin and open the .zip folder.
  • Copy the folder named ‘scripts’ and the LUA.asi file to the same parent folder as you did before.
  • Whenever you download a LUA file in the future as part of a mod, you’ll need to put them inside the ‘addins’ folder inside the ‘scripts’ folder.
  • Now to install the mods themselves make sure you read the specific instructions but the gist of it should be as simple as copying the mod files to the main GTA 5 folder.

Is Modding Illegal

There are certain controversies regarding the modding of GTA V, but according to my opinion, it is usually done all over the world. For instance, there are thousands of mods introduced along with millions of players implementing and playing them.

The mods are basically for fun purposes, like modifying the maps, enhancing the graphics, or adding customized vehicles. The main thing to keep in mind is to safely apply them by following proper instructions.

Account Boost and Unlock all GTA V

Los Angeles Mod

Los Santos is a magnificent city and keeping in mind that a few territories are noticeably inspired by real areas, there’s no dodging the reality it is an altogether anecdotal city. The Real California Architecture mod is in progress and comes with certain add-ons and plans to induct several landmarks of the Los Angeles like the Hollywood Sign, Hollywood Wax Museum, Compton City Hall, two In-N-Out areas, the Beverly Hills Hotel, etc.

Police Enhancement Mod

The police in GTA V is one of the most unrealistic things that we experience in GTA V. for instance, no matter how small or severe your crime is, there will swamps of cops all around you regardless of where you go or hide.

Thanks to this mod, now the cops of GTA V are much realistic and behave like a real-life cop. Now you won’t complain about the unrealistic cops of GTA V.

GTA Vice City Remastered

This is the mod about which I talked about earlier, after implementation of this mod, you can roam through the old but enhanced Vice City and revive your old memories. Honestly, whenever I play this mod, it takes me back to the childhood time as I used to play Vice City a lot. However, the graphics of this are much better as it is rendered on the GTA V engine.


So, these were all the necessary information regarding what mods are, how to download them, and what are some of the best mods of all time according to my choice. There are plenty of mods and unlocked accounts that you can access or buy online. In addition to this, there are certain scams and infected files. It is recommended to download these from a trusted site and install mods safely so your account may not get banned.

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