Why GTA V Refuses to Die

Several years on from the release of GTA V and the game still looks today livelier than ever. With a community of millions of players, Los Santos is a soulful city today as compared to the time of the release. Thanks to the third-party modders and developers and keep introducing GTA V Mods and kept the interest of the players. There are still thousands of memories bounded with the game and every time I start playing the games, it feels like I am in a different world away from the tensions of life.

For most of the players, Lost Santos is a beautiful place. Or in other words, we can say it is an escape from reality for them. They have spent hundreds of hours playing the game like me and still can get enough. The main reason is that the open-world style the game offers can be found anywhere else. Many developers tried to clone the game but are not an easy task. More than 135 million copies of the game are sold from 2013 to date. Moreover, thousands of players again downloaded the game in 2020 when Rockstar offered free access to the game.

GTA V for PS5

Back in 2013, the game was first released for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 only. The PC players had to wait till 2015 to get the game for the PCs. Similarly, after the release of new generation consoles, GTA V was afterward released for the new generation consoles, the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. Due to its tremendous sales, the game became one of the best-selling games of all time behind only the famous Minecraft.

As the PlayStation 5 is just released, Rockstar decided to take the game to PS5 also. However, the GTA V for PS5 will be updated and will have a lot of enhancements and performance improvements. As the PS5 has powerful hardware and performance, the newly updated version of the GTA V will be a superb combination.

Sony and Rockstar decided to introduce a standalone version of the GTA V for the PS5 users. Also, the PS5 owners can claim this version free within the first 3 months of the launch. However, the players must have a PlayStation Plus Membership to claim this game. I do not know the exact details or when exactly that version is going to release. Moreover, there is also no confirmation that either that game is going to be available for PS4 or not.


Heists are one of the favorite activities of the GTA V players. They are daring, daunting, and challenging and so are the GTA V players. According to my opinion, these sorts of challenging activities have kept GTA V still alive. Teaming up with your friends, completing missions, earning money is more than just fun.

Also, the heists are one of the effective or we can say the best ways to earn money. The Doomsday Heist, the Diamond Casino Heist, Prison Break, etc. are some of the most famous and challenging heists of all time. Keep in mind that the more difficult these heists are, the more reward you will get at the end. For instance, you can earn 812,500 to 1,500,000 dollars from the doomsday heist.

I still remember the days teaming up with my friends starting these heists. It was a hell of fun and one of the best gaming memories I have.


The racing community in GTA V is one of the largest communities. Also, whenever you will log in to the game, you will notice that there are thousands of players online every time ready to take on the challenge. There are a variety of races, RC races, etc. from which you can choose and take the thriller to the next level. Also, you can earn a handsome amount of money from these races. The GTA V Money is one of the crucial things that you will be needing to survive the game. You can either buy gta v money from crimialmodz.com or when through these scenarios.


Playing a single game for a long time can make it boring but not in the case of GTA V. if you are a regular GTA V player then you may know about these GTA V Mods. However, in case you have not heard about it, mods are like the add-ons or DLCs of the other games. But these are not official and are created by third-party developers or even GTA V players. These are basically for fun purposes or additional features.

For example, last month I tried a mod that tremendously changes the graphics of the GTA V. it was giving resolution up to 4K and it felt like I was playing a new game. More like it was the feeling of GTA VI. Similarly, there is a mod that features cars from real life. You can induct them into the game and cruise through Los Santos in your real-life favorite car such as Lamborghini Aventador.

There are a lot of other mods also such as Star Wars Mod, the Iron Man mod, etc. that allow the players to have fun and not get bored. In my opinion, the GTA V is still surviving due to these mods that feature the additional option to the players. Else, most of the players may have left the game.


Rockstar introduced similar open-world games such as Red Dead Redemption, etc. and they are excellent games. However, the gameplay and the fun that GTA provides can’t be found elsewhere as it has its unique place in our hearts. There are certain rumors about GTA VI, but we can conclude that it is not going to release anytime soon. As Rockstar is increasing the support for GTA V, like it is being released for PS5, it is predicted that GTA VI will be released after few years.

So, these were some of the motivations that GTA V is still alive and will continue till GTA VI is released.

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