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GTA 5 Modded Accounts PS5 accounts are brand new genuine accounts with the sole owner being you.
Filled with GTA 5 Money, Level, Unlocks & Modded Cars.

Alternative Account 1

Alternative Account is packed with a lot of money, rank & modded outfits.

It also comes with Fast Run, however due to it being less rare it tends to be cheaper than normal accounts.

54.99 €

Alternative Account 2

Alternative Account is packed with a lot of money, rank & modded outfits.

It also comes with Fast Run, however due to it being less rare it tends to be cheaper than normal accounts.

54.99 €

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GTA 5 turned into a phenomenon the very moment it was released. The total freedom of action and its fully-featured world make this game something to admire for millions of players. That’s why GTA 5 Online has become so popular for PS5, among other consoles. With the new generation of the gamer’s must-haves from Sony, extremely realistic graphics of GTA’s open world lets you dive into another charm of expensive cars, fancy houses, yachts, and casinos. But the need for a reckless grind is still alive. So, if you want to ramp up your gaming capabilities, modded GTA 5 accounts for PS5 from CriminalModz are for you.

We value your time and deliver pre-boosted accounts so you can enjoy GTA V Online from the beginning of your fascinating journey. You are free to invest as much money as you consider appropriate to test any CriminalModz offering when you buy a GTA modded account for PS5. We provide 3 deals here that include starter money, property, and other features: 

  • Standard
  • Advanced
  • Ultimate

Our Standard accounts are suitable for newcomers and include an extensive list of basic boosts to test the game at a new level of comfort. However, players who have already test-driven the benefits of our Standard GTA Online modded accounts for PS5 can lift their capabilities to unprecedented heights using our Advanced and Ultimate deals. With these, you can instantly improve your beginner’s pack to get the most from this online game.

Progress with GTA 5 modded accounts for sale for PS5

Time is money. When you opt for a modded account in your favorite online game, you’re investing in having more choices as to how you can use your time. Think of countless hours you can spend partying with friends or enjoying your hobby instead of grinding to acquire droning in-game wealth for fun playing. Plus, a GTA V modded account for PS5 is your ticket to the VIP players’ lounge.

You can choose either of the 4 career paths and develop your character by scrupulously building it step-by-step and earning money by participating in events. But how much time do you want to spend to get where you want to be? CriminalModz can give more in the blink of an eye without all the meaningless activities focused on building your character and earning cash. Would you like to have 50, 100, or 500 million from the start? The good news is that we can deliver the in-game fortune you crave. 

Get a PS5 GTA V modded account online

Whether you aspire to be an Executive or Gunrunner in GTA 5 Online, CriminalModz can help you start as you want. Buy a modded GTA 5 account for PS5 and begin it with the money, properties. fascilities and many other perks that will empower you to follow your dream career path and gaming style.

We will share a modded account within 1-3 days with a 100% ban warranty. CriminalModz endorses a secure and safe way of playing!