The Loading Time of GTA V is improved more than 70% by a Modder

Due to some Development errors, some of the games take a long loading time and the GTA V is one of them. Rockstar wasn’t taking the problem into the account until a developer popped out and showed that how this thing works. The fix was simple and effective that after reading you might guess that why the Rockstar hasn’t done something about it.

If you are a GTA V player, then you may have noticed that the loading times of the GTA V are quite long and annoying. A poll conducted on Reddit a few years ago concluded that the average waiting time to start the GTA V was 3 to six minutes for approx. 35% of the players. On the other hand, the time was up to 15 minutes for some of the players. This is a very hectic routine and players wished that someone should resolve or notify the issue.

A hacker called by the name T0st investigated the reason that caused the prolonged loading times for the GTA V. He dumbed the process stack and afterward discovered that the two bottlenecks maxed out a single CPU thread. Also, a poorly written routine was inefficiently parsing a 10MB JSON file containing over 63,000 items.

As it turns out, the JSON file housed items purchasable through in-game shops (not to be confused with microtransactions). The routine reads each entry in the file and then stores it in an array. With each pass, it rechecks the entire array for duplicates before inserting the new item. As can be imagined, this process gets longer and longer as the array grows.

The T0st created a DLL that is used to improve the two bottlenecks. The T0st writes further that if it is called again within the string range, then it will return the cache value.  The fix is meant to eliminate the repeated entries and the duplicate check is no longer needed. Also, the second part of the DLL works in the ay that it simply inserts the values into the array.

The results of the patches made by the T0st are just splendid. Only the duplication check fix was installed. On the other hand, the load time was reduced from 6 minutes to 4.5 minutes. Also, the JSON parser was quite effective and the wait time was lowered to 2 minutes and 50 seconds. Moreover, the implementation of both of the patches into the DLL improved to load time by 70%.

The result of this fix may vary on your specs, configuration, and other optimizations. However, it should improve the loading time relatively for any setup you are using.

The concept of the improvement was also posted on GitHub by the T0st. this was for clarification for the people who are interested in knowing that how the code works. Moreover, he also warned that that implementing this code into the online mode of gta v might get your account suspended. The effort made by the T0st is quite appreciating and the Rockstar should take his effort into the account. Also, the fix is quite simple and easy.

The Developer concludes further that the time taken to solve this hectic problem is not more than one day. He hopes that the news of this improvement somehow reaches Rockstar and they may take account of this problem.

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