How To Make Money in GTA 5

GTA V is one of the most widely played games in the world today. In the last few years, we have played many versions of the Grand Theft Auto franchise, and a new version of GTA like GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas was released. The GTA V is the latest version of the series and was released almost seven years ago. Moreover, GTA V just a masterpiece with a lot of new features, graphics, and much more. This makes the game the best among all versions till this date and players get enough of it till now and are anxiously waiting for the next version.

Till the next version of the game arrives, we must make this version more amazing and challenging so that we may not get bored of it. The most important thing in the game that we all need is the GTA V cash and with the help of it, we can buy several weaponries, own business, and much more. There are several different methods in the game that allow us to earn cash.

These methods vary from small missions and robberies to some large-scale heists. The amount of cash is dependent on the extent and difficulty of the job.  In this article, we will describe some of the fastest ways to earn GTA V Cash, i.e., with the help of trading and stock exchange. Moreover, for to get instant GTA V cash into your account for PC, or consoles, you can buy GTA 5 Money for PS4, GTA V money for Xbox from certain websites such as criminalmodz.  So, let’s begin.

The BAWSAQ and LCN are the main stock exchange markets in GTA V with the help of them, you can earn large amounts of cash in a very short time. For this, you will need to master the skills of the stock market and understand its strategies. There are a bunch of strategies, rivalries, rates, etc. that you must need to consider before you start investing or trading. Moreover, you will keep playing the other mission and make progress in GTA V alongside trading.

Lester Assassination Missions

The stock market assassinations ensure that you may get a huge amount of GTA V Cash. If done properly you can earn as much as two billion dollars. While playing the game, you will reach a stage Trevor will move out of the city and you will access the assassination mission via Lester. The Assassinations will include the targeting of corporate members or high-value targets.

Guide to Stock Market Assassinations to make GTA V cash

When investing the money, invest your cash on all three characters. Do this step after accepting the assassination mission from Lester. Afterward, carry on completing the assassination. Now all you must do is to wait until the stock reaches its peak, like the real world. Both i.e., LCN and BAWSAQ have their respective timings for their stocks to reach the peak. For example, LCN – Peaks one in-game ‘business day’, or 24 in-game hours after the assassination, starting to decline shortly after that, and BAWSAQ peaks start right after the mission is complete. Also, remember that this stock will decline after 24 hours

Similarly, sell all your stock on all three characters, and instantly immediately and invest all your cash in other companies. i.e., the company that is listed in the Investment after column.

Tip: If you want to get your share faster, you can skip the time by sleeping. Moreover, you can check the percentage of your return in the portfolio of your phone’s browser right after you wake up.

GTA 5 Cash, LCN Stock Market Strategies

The LCN and BAWSAQ stock markets work on different strategies and principles. For example, the LCN market is destined only for the single-player game of GTA V. Let’s discuss some of the useful tips that will ensure that you will have a minimum risk while trading and less amount of GTA V Cash is lost. The best strategy is to buy low and sell high, you may hear of it before.

Keep in mind that you must have enough cash and time to invest in different rounds of investment. In the game, the shares take approx. forty-five seconds to get updated. Moreover, there are a lot of competitors of the LCN corp. out there in the market and you must consider and be cautious about them. Some of the competitors of the LCN include:

  • Bilkington
  • Up-An-Atom
  • Clucking Bell
  • Bean Machine
  • ECola
  • AirEmu
  • GoPostal
  • BankOfLiberty
  • Pisswasser
  • WorldwideFM
  • Slaughter & Slaughter

You will get better to know about these when you will encounter them in the game.

GTA 5 Cash, BAWSAQ Stock Market Strategies

As described earlier, the BAWSAQ has a lot of similarities. As compared to the LCN which is only destined for offline mode, the BAWSAQ is for the online mode and has a lot of challenges, and is more difficult to trade. The performance of this market depends on the progress and actions of all of the multiplayer fellows and you must keep your eyes open all the time.

As the risks are higher in this market, the amount of profit is also higher as compared to the LCN. In my opinion, most of the GTA players today are online ones and have aborted playing offline mode long ago. So, it’s better to master your skills in the BAWSAQ and earn a huge amount of cash. As the online mode is more competitive, you will be needing a large amount of cash to be competitive.


So, these were some of the best strategies and methods to earn a huge amount of GTA V Cash. Moreover, we have described both, i.e. online and offline markets. It’s up to you to know how much you commit and remain updated. Like the heists, the stock markets will also allow you huge chunks of cash after a specific time duration. Moreover, other then these you also but money from For instance, you can buy GTA 5 Money for PS4, GTA 5 money of Xbox, etc. This will ensure that you will get instant and huge amount of cash directly into your account without following these strategies.