GTA 6: Everything We Know about the Setting, Story, Gameplay, Graphics, and More

With every new release, the Grand Theft Auto series continues to hold an unparalleled place in the open-world gaming industry, pushing the frontiers of virtual experiences. Grand Theft Auto 6 is soon to be released, and the gaming community is getting very excited about it. The conjecture and excitement are building to a fever pitch. Despite the lack of official material, a fascinating variety of leaks, rumours, and verified information have started to provide players with an idea of what to expect from this much awaited game. GTA 6 will surely be a revolutionary addition to the series in many ways, including its vast and mysterious location, the nuances of its story, the development of gaming mechanics, the breathtaking graphics, and much more.

The Enigma of GTA 6

In a twist of events on September 18, the gaming world was thrown into a frenzy when an extraordinary leak revealed more than 90 videos and screenshots from an early alpha version of GTA 6. The creators of GTA found themselves in a race against time to acknowledge the legitimacy of this security breach and swiftly remove the unsanctioned disclosures from the digital realm. However, this unexpected journey into the realm of unofficial revelations has exposed a treasure trove of fascinating details about GTA 6. Ranging from glimpses into its expansive world to tantalising peeks at its diverse cast of characters.

What’s catching the attention of fans is the implementation of the RAGE engine, which is set to revolutionise the gaming experience in terms of graphics, physics, and interactivity. This engine, which has powered previous titles, is expected to elevate the gaming experience significantly. The improvements will encompass various aspects, including the flow of time, graphic quality, and artificial intelligence.

Setting and Locations

The GTA 6 map promises to be a sprawling, breathtaking landscape with exploration opportunities, and has become a hot topic among eager fans. Here, we delve into the speculated locations and the compelling evidence uncovered.

Rumoured Locations

  • Leaks and evidence pointing to certain locations enthusiastic GTA VI fans have collaborated to piece together clues from leaked gameplay materials. These include landmarks, in-game coordinates, observed locations, and road signs. This collective effort has led to an early estimation of the GTA 6 map.
  • Vice City and other possibilities early speculations hinted at GTA 6 taking place in a Miami-inspired Vice City, with South America potentially serving as an additional setting for missions. Intriguingly, a cryptic message has raised the possibility of locations including Los Santos, Vice City, and Liberty City.

Additional Leaked Locations

  • Recent leaks have shed light on a variety of areas that players can expect to explore in the game. These include Port Gellhorn, Keys, Sundown, Ambrosia, Redhill, and more, expanding the world of GTA 6.
  • The vast ocean is not to be overlooked, with indications of explorative opportunities below the waves. Discover Underwater Ruins, an Underwater Research Facility, and a Whale Graveyard, hinting at the potential inclusion of submarines or diving equipment, similar to GTA V.

If these leaks hold true, GTA VI promises a world of unprecedented scale, potentially eclipsing the vastness of Red Dead Redemption 2. It will surely offer countless hours of exploration and adventure.

Story and Characters

The narrative and protagonists in GTA 6 have been a subject of great intrigue and speculation among fans. Here, we delve into the rumoured main characters and the role of multiple protagonists, taking cues from Rockstar’s evolving approach.

Speculated Protagonists

Throughout the history of sixteen GTA games, male characters have consistently dominated the scene, with only the first two GTA games featuring playable female characters. However, it appears that GTA 6 will break this tradition with the introduction of a female protagonist, Lucia. She will be closely related to a male lead known as Jason. This marks a significant milestone as Lucia becomes the first playable female character in GTA’s history. This dynamic duo is expected to progress through the storyline together.

A report by Bloomberg suggests that Lucia, the playable female character, is of Latina origin. The characters may take inspiration from the notorious American criminal couple, Bonnie and Clyde, known for their bank robberies. This hints at a collaboration between the characters within the storyline, possibly sharing an inventory.

The Role of Multiple Protagonists, as in GTA V

While the spotlight is on Lucia and Jason, there’s intriguing speculation about a potential third protagonist. A now-deleted video shared on Twitter featured a third character, seen in a white T-shirt and grey trousers, wielding multiple guns. Though the pre-alpha footage was somewhat raw, the character, reportedly named ‘Kai,’ made a brief appearance. However, as no official word has come from the creator, this remains speculative. If a third character does indeed appear, it would follow the format of GTA 5’s three titular protagonists.


The narrative for GTA 6 remains shrouded in mystery, with hints that the protagonist duo shares a familial connection and might be inspired by Bonnie and Clyde. The game’s setting in modern-day Vice City is corroborated by leaked gameplay footage, which shows Jason entering a Vice City metro train. Rumours suggest that Lucia and Jason will collaborate to build a drug empire in Vice City, but further story details are scant.

Recent job listings by the creator for a full-time GTA 6 voiceover director for voicing and capture indicate that the main story for GTA 6 may be fully complete. This signals the game’s progression to the next phase. However, the storyline itself remains largely undisclosed, leaving fans eagerly anticipating more information.


In the world of gaming, few titles can stir up as much anticipation and fervour as the looming release of GTA 6. The GTA franchise, known for its immersive open-world experiences, has captivated gamers for decades. As we’ve explored the enigma of GTA 6, it’s clear that the gaming community’s collective excitement is reaching unprecedented heights.

GTA 6 has become an enigmatic legend, with every morsel of information, leak, and speculation fueling the excitement. The vast, uncharted map that promises endless exploration, the introduction of a playable female protagonist, and the intriguing partnership of Lucia and Jason. These are all elements that continue to stoke the fires of anticipation. As we peer into the future, one can’t help but wonder about the mysteries yet to come. From the unchartered territories of Vice City to the potential narrative twists and turns.

The excitement surrounding GTA 6 extends beyond just one game. It reflects the goals of the gaming community as well as the changing nature of the medium. While we excitedly await the game’s release, we’re also seeing how video games’ storytelling has changed over time. The anticipation surrounding GTA 6 portends a bright and varied future for the industry.

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