Reasons Why the GTA V became a Successful Rockstar Title

There is not much we can say about GTA V as the game is out for seven years. The game has revolutionized the gaming industry after its release and gave the players more than expected joy and tremendous experience. The budget of the Rockstar for the development of GTA V was somehow similar to Hollywood’s blockbuster movie. Hence, the sales and the profits of the game were also more than expected.   

Most people thought that the sales and the popularity of the game would decline as time will pass, but what we experienced was something different. For example, the stats of 2020 show that in this year GTA V sales were more than any previous year. This is the reason that many years after its launch, we can still see thousands of players online whenever we log in to the game.

We all know that GTA V gained huge success in the industry, but in this article, we will discuss some of the major points that made the game so successful.

1: Value for Money

The GTA V could be bought for a mere 60$ from the online stores which is very less as compared to the features the ae provide. Even in 2020, Rockstar offered a free copy of GTA V to players all over the world. Millions of people claimed their free copy and contributed to keeping the game lively and exciting.

Hence for such a low price, we get an unlimited amount of entertainment and fun. The open-world games such as GTA V and Red Dead Redemption have their uniqueness.  

2: Numerous Launches

The GTA 5 was not meant only for PS4, XBOX, or PC but was first released for PS3 and Xbox 360. No doubt the release was a great success and after approx. one year, the game was released for PC. Similarly, at the time the PS4 and Xbox One were launched, Rockstar again released the game for these platforms with some enhancements and upgrades.  

These several launches at their respective time made the game alive and popular. Interestingly, in 2021, at the time of the launch of PS5, Rockstar announced that the GTA V will be released for PS5 also with more upgraded features, graphics, gameplay, and experience.

For here we can expect that GTA V will be here for few more years to come.     

Many often forget that GTA 5 was not meant for the PS4/Xbox One generation and was brought to newer consoles long past its initial release on the PS3 and Xbox 360.

3: GTA Online Mode

It’s obvious that Rockstar focused a lot on the multiplayer mode of the GTA V. And this step paid tremendously. Precisely in terms of profit and positive reviews. There is much to do in the multiplayer mode, from initiating heists to building your business empire and car racing, you will never get enough of these GTA V challenges.

Other than that, there are a lot of other things to discover in the online mode.

4: Heaven for Streamers Modders

The Gameplay and the mods of the GTA V suit best the streamers. There are hundreds of players that I know, who regularly stream GTA V. Similarly, the modders got an interesting game for which they can create and implement mods.

In my opinion, it was due to different mods that the game is still lively till today and the players can get enough of it. Certain mods like gta v mods for pc, gta v mods for ps4, etc. were introduced and the players rushed to buy them. Similarly, modded accounts like modded accounts for xbox, etc. were introduced that gave the players unlimited cash.   

The mods change the outlook and experience of the game and these combinations give streamers plenty of content to stream. Hence, the game is no doubt a heaven for streamers.    

5: The game defies all odds

The players, especially that have consoles and are looking for open-world games should opt for GTA V. this will keep them engaged for hours and will provide them with endless entertainment. The gameplay, visuals, online mode, or story mode are worth trying for and will make your time enjoyable. In other words, no other game can match the open-world style of the GTA V and is a result of years of hard work of game developers.   


This is obvious that the GTA VI will not be released anytime soon. So, all we have is GTA V right now and we can still play and enjoy it like previous times. It can’t be concluded that the game is outdated or is not worth playing anymore.