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(July 18, 2024)

FH5 Modded Accounts

Our Modded Accounts for Forza Horizon 5 are packed with millions of Credits, Super Wheelspins, Wheelspins, Prestige Level, Car Points and much more.

Super Account

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Super Account is packed with millions of credits, super wheelspins, wheelspins, car points and all the rare cars in the game.

This account is best for someone that wants to experience the game in its best form without spending a bigger amount of money.

29.99 €

Supreme Account

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Supreme Account is packed with the maximum amount of credits you can have in the game as well as millions of super wheelspins and more.

This account is best for anyone that wants to experience the game at its best form.

39.99 €

Complete Account

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Complete Account is includes everything a Forza player could ever want with maximum credits, super wheelspins, car points, apartments and much more.

49.99 €

New Account

Game copy is required in order to play on the accounts.

Ban Warranty

You will receive a replacement in case you get banned.

Delivery Information

All orders are completed within 1-24 hours.

Step 1
Choose your preferred account by clicking on 'Buy'.
Step 2
Fill in your information and complete the payment.
Step 3
Wait until your forza account is ready.
We will send out the account details to your contact email.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Select Account: Select the account that you’d like to purchase by clicking on the ‘Buy Now’ button.
  2. Checkout: Upon selecting the service, you will be asked to provide a contact email which will be used to send the account’s login credentials. After that you will have to fill in your billing details, choose a payment method and follow instructions on the screen.
  3. Processing: After the payment is complete, you simply have to wait until the order is delivered. Additionally, you can track your order here.
  4. Completion: As soon as the order is completed we will send out an email to the contact address you filled out during the checkout process with the login credentials and instructions on how to log in.
All our services are generally safe. In case of a ban suspension, we will send you a replacement account, free of charge.
All Forza Horizon 5 orders usually take 1 to 24 hours to complete. If your order gets delayed we will add additional credits and wheelspins as a form of compensation.
Yes, in order to be able to access these accounts, Forza Horizon 5 game will need to be purchased on Xbox / Microsoft store.

Perfect your races with Forza Horizon 5 modded accounts for Windows/Xbox

It’s been a decade since the Forza Horizon series whipped up racing enthusiasts for the first time. But the fifth game beats the others all hollow. It has the most extensive map and thrilling events, lifelike graphics, and many unique features and vehicle mods. But you may knock yourself out when trying to progress in FH5. That’s what CriminalModz can relieve with modded FH5 accounts for sale. 

Roam across farmlands, canyons, and deserts while driving the best vehicles. Forza Horizon 5 is packed with scenarios you want to be engrossed by. To uncork all gameplay opportunities, you no longer need to participate in every race and break your back. With CriminalModz Forza Horizon 5 account boosting service, you can gain access to the most desirable features at once. Whether you play it on your PC or Xbox, you can race when and where you want and hop on the fastest cars.

Forza Horizon 5 modded accounts: Sneak into the Hall of Fame

The completion of all FH5 adventures is the first step on the road to the main prize. The caveat is that you should win dozens of races to reach the next level. To make it happen, you should upgrade your car or get a new one. Don’t have enough Credits for the purchase? Once you buy a Forza Horizon 5 modded account, you can easily complete all the missions and enter the Hall of Fame.

We support all FH5 fans and ensure they can handle all challenges on the Horizon Festival Playlist. Whatever your goals for the game are, you can achieve them with CriminalModz by:

  • Getting a new Forza Horizon 5 modded account for PC or Xbox
  • Gaining access to as many Credits as you need, let alone a large fleet of cars
  • Skipping the stages of building your profile from the off
  • Customizing your vehicles and test-driving all mods


Do you have a clear view of what your ideal account should look like? There are multiple modded FH5 accounts for sale. Compare them to select the best package deal for you, including the Prestige level, wheelspins, and other goodies.

Please note that an anti-blacklist warranty covers all these accounts, so you can get a thrilling racing experience with zero risk.

CriminalModz Modded FH5 Account Services with Credits

In Forza Horizon 5, money – aka Credits – gives you in-game freedom and allows you to avoid hurdles that kill the fun. It provides more options for dressing up your character and upgrading your Mustang to hit the Mexican roads in style. But a half-empty in-game wallet makes you delay your dreams.You can spend hours racing to get a few coins or purchase a Forza modded account for Xbox/PC. Whatever roles you want to try and vehicles to drive, a modded account can have just the right amount of FH5 money for your adventures. Choose from over 700 fastest cars and explore FH5 from where it captivates you most!
(July 18, 2024)