Modded Accounts allude to game records that are stuffed with exceptional things, whether it is GTA cash, Max stats, Higher rank or Special unlocks. 

Modded accounts have the most ideal start and lets you appreciate powers without buckling down first. You go through cash and purchase these records.

No, in simple words, Modded accounts are just ready made action pack GTA accounts with a specific amount of Cash, Stats, Ranks and Unlocks.

Criminal Modz uses private methods to create these accounts from scratch, that are tested to be 100% safe. In Fact after two Years of selling modded accounts and Money boost worldwide, we have 0 Bans and 0 Resets.

Yes, Modded accounts are safe to play but it does depend on the platform where you buy it from,

Because at CriminalModz, we provide 100% Guarantee that if your account gets hacked or banned after purchasing GTA 5 Modded account, we issue another rich action pack account for absolutely nothing!

 CriminalModz is the leading marketplace for Only GTA Modded accounts. Approx. 100,000 players get access every day, Why? Since it’s the main game that brings players from all over the world to one place and gives the chance to play uninterrupted showdowns and classic crime and police chase from the City of Los Santos.

In any case, there are in every case some “buts“. as it isn’t so engaging when you’re running out of cash or can’t gain admittance to its most charming parts, you just have to visit CriminalModz and BOOM, all you need at one place!!!

Buying GTA Modded accounts at CriminalModz is a piece of cake!


Following are the easy steps to get your hands on the Best Accounts



  • Go-to HomePage.
  • Visit or go-through all the packages.
  • Select your favorite package.
  • Go-to through registration details
  • Go-to through Payment Verification.  
  • You get an email in the end after the order is completed. 

That’s it! The process is that easy.


Note: CriminalModz , Appreciate Full Money-Back Guarantee, Anti-Ban Warranty and Anti-Modder Protection.

Following are the Quality providing services given by the CriminalModz

  • Fastest dedicated support

         Criminal Modz are here to serve their customers as fast as to solve the problem without any big issue.

  • Fast Delivery

         Criminal Modz provide the most secure and fast delivery of any service with legal hands.

  • Track your Order

         You can track every second of your order details unlike others.

  • Anti Ban warranty

         Criminal Modz also provides the anti ban warranty to their customer, In any case of blockage of account New account provided free by company.

Following Modifications Offered:

  • GTA V Money
  • Level, Unlocks
  • Modded Bundles

Required Platforms

  • PC
  • PS4
  • Xbox One

Check out these Videos on How to Buy and GTA 5 Modded Account Gameplay from CriminalModz