Ban Warranty Program

Use the form below to request a claim of your ban warranty. If you are eligible to use our warranty we will compensate you with a replacement or a refund.

Useful Information

What happens now that I'm banned? (PS4)

CriminalModz has taken swift and meaningful steps to mitigate the PS4 ban wave that has affected customers with orders since January 16th. Please use the form above to submit your ban report and we will reach back with updates or instructions.

Additionally, you will be able to receive your order again on a new or existing account with massive compensation worth up to 5x more than your old one. Reservicing is underway and we will email you when you are next in the queue.

We’ve made the process very easy and all you have to do is submit your ban proof by selecting the PS5 or Xbox form and we will send you instructions on how long it will take to reecive your replacement.

As part of our ban warranty program, we will be giving out massive compensations to affected customers which will include GTA V Money and our brand new V2 Unlocks, in the form of boosts for existing accounts or new accounts.

Reservicing is the process of completing a customer’s order again, free of charge. This usually includes a lot of compensation as bonus for the inconvenience. 

Reservice (order applied again)

1 Billion $GTA Money ($200 Worth)

Unreleased Unlock Mixed V2 ($76 worth)

  • Unlocks all special trophies and trinkets
  • Unlocks all collectibles
  • Unlocks all media sticks
  • Unlocks flight school medals
  • Unlocks all possible platinum awards
  • Adds cash to floor in office and clubhouse
  • Adds all armor
  • Adds all snacks

✅Unreleased Get All Clothing & Tats V2 ($71 worth)

  • Unlocks and purchases all possible clothing in the game, including rare christmas masks and other limited time clothing
  • Unlocks all tattoos
  • Unlocks all hairstyles

There is currently no response time for submitted ban reports through the form but we may send you updates regarding reservicing & compensation by e-mail on a regular bases.

Additionally, we will reach out to request your account credentials or information about your compensation & new account, as soon as we’re ready.

We highly recommend you to follow us on X or to join our discord server, where you’d be able to catch all latest developments regarding the ban warranty program.

Stage 1 – Tracing all bans, figuring out which people were affected from the ban wave.
Stage 2 – Crafting a plan for reservicing & instructions on how to move forward.
Stage 3 – Creating the compensation plan which will cover for all inconveniences caused.
Stage 4 – The process of reservicing begins and the ban warranty program ends.

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