How To Purchase GTA 5 Money for Xbox in 2022

Last Updated on 11 Sep 2022

If you there is something that you do not understand from the guide below please contact our support.

Step: 1 Go to your E-Mail. 

You should have received there 3 E-Mails from us: CriminalModz Receipt,  Personal Manager, Social Media Contact

PS4 E-Mail Instructions

Step: 2 Kindly reach out to our Boosting Team by Instagram or Discord. 

  • Instagram: @CriminalModzXbox
  • Discord: CriminalModzXbox#0899
Contact Social Instagram
Contact Social Discord

Step: 3 After speaking with your assigned booster you will be asked to provide the verification access code so they could log into the account and do the order.

Then the booster will log in and start boosting your account.

Step: 4 What if the status changes to ”Order Issue – Check E-Mail”? 

Please keep communications directly with the booster on Instagram or Discord as they will be able to help you directly solve the issue.

Order Fail Email

Step: 5 Order is completed. You can play the game however you like with no restrictions.

If you do not see the purchased service after the order is completed for whatever reason do not PANIC!  Send a message to CriminalModz Xbox Department on Social Media and they will reply the soonest possible.

Order Completed Email